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Rich is an artist, educator, and cultural historian living in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn. His varied background reflects an interest in architecture and urban development, and the way in which people react to the world around them. A proud native of Cleveland, Rich has always paid close attention to old rusty infrastructure. Other interests, like connecting art and history, were fostered at an early age while taking classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art… classes which he eventually taught twenty years later. College studies lead him to Fordham University in the Bronx, before returning to Cleveland to work on art and attend graduate school. His thesis, New Art in Old Buildings: the Blue Collar White Cube, analyzed ways of displaying contemporary art in historic space. Interest in museums (and his wife) led him back to New York, where he began work at the Brooklyn Museum. Freelance work as an artist educator followed, taking him to the Educational Alliance Art School; the Cathedral of St. John the Divine; Kentler International Drawing Space; and the Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park. He currently works as a tour guide for his own company, Gotham SideWalks, and for Turnstile Tours. While not exploring the streets of New York City with his new daughter, he divides time between creating and presenting both tours and art.

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